What a great time to be ALIVE

Recently many things have occured on on Wall Street, The whole D.C drama around the tax cuts this robust earning season, the Tech strength (AMZN, MSFT, INTC, GOOG) that indicates that we are in a middle of a shift, and a major one!

Big companies are flocking to the Cloud to secure and store their data and this whole Cloud thing can change a lot of our lives too and it’s already doing that, suddenly you can store a 100 GB of data easly.

The ingenious Jeff Bezos turned our world upside down and shifted a whole industry from the main street to the internet and changed the way we do our shopping, Amazon is a store accessible to customers 24 hours a days 7 days a week, you can reach the store without any regard to your location and it’s only by one click, you can check any product you want only by typing its name without spending time going through the aisles to find out that this product is sold out or not even there, and there is another perck my friends, and it is that you can make money too by selling product on Amazon and most importantly the company is growing really fast what does the stock market thinks about that? The stock went up 13% the day it reported it Q3 earnings and its up 48% YTD.

Microsoft’s Satya made the company great again! The Azure & Office 365 made Microsoft relevant again, big firms are prefering Microsoft’s Azure over AWS, its cloud revenue grew by a whooping 90%! y/y.

Put all of that aside, there is one more thing that really made me happy, the Mondelez earnings report, your Oreo, Tublerone & Milka maker and much more brands, reported a strong earnings too, and why does that makes me happy? because this gives me hope that this whole strength on the bottom and top line will be in other great companies, i would really love see this whole food industry revive because i think this whole fear over this industry is overblown a lot of those companies were down more than 10 percent YTD and in the long run those companies will do just fine (if not great).

I hope good news will keep on coming about mergers (Broadcom & Qualqomm) and good earnings.

Have a great week!
Invest your money wisely! and Remember:

“Don’t Save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”

(I’d rather replace save with invest)

Disclaimer : I own shares of MSFT right to 07/11/17, don’t treat any comment or opinion of mine as and advice.