Making the U.S Great again?

The U.S has always been a great country and it’s just getting started.
I love journeys to the past, so let me take you to one.

Its 1930, we are in the middle of the Great Depression which started a year ago in August of 1929, the U.S economy is suffering from high levels of unemployment and poverty. Three years have passed the economy and the Dow jones with it has reached their bottoms in 1933. The economy bounced back so did the Dow Jones till August of 1937 and then Recession happened. Later to that… WW2 was at the gates.

I gave you this unpleasant example just to clarify the greatness of this country, and how things in the long term will be better even if a financial hurdle occurs or a major catastrophe takes place. To base my words and be more clearer, as a woman i love, once told me: “You should be more descriptive”, let me give you another example and make it more simple: The Dow jones was selling at $776 in June of 1932, yesterday it reached above $25,000. An annual growth of ~ 8% (adjusted to inflation).

Yesterday economic data was released, the U.S private sector added 250K jobs in December, and while the estimates were that the private sector will only create 190K jobs. In 2017 job-cut announcement was the lowest since 1990’s and the GDP is hitting high levels in each quarter. Does Trump has anything to do with this? partly, the Fed revised its economic outlook and raised their economic forecast for the years to come because of the the Tax cuts that were approved. And there is no doubts that the confidence levels in the economy rose since he took office.

What to do? and where are we heading?

Grab yourself a chunk of the U.S businesses by investing in an index fund (S&P 500), and keep buying through thick and through thin! And especially through thin.