Earnings season brief report

Last night, a deluge of earnings were released. I will be discussing two reports briefly. Let’s start sweet, Mondelez. Does the name tell you anything? If not, flip the Oreo package that you have sitting in your pantry or cabinet waiting for you to get that sugar craving. This is one of many strong brands under the Mondelez umbrella. Despite the clouds that hover above the package food industry, the company has posted better earnings than estimated. Its “Power Brands” Oreo, Milka, Cudbury and more showed an increase of 5.2% in revenues from the previous year. A mixture of cost cutting, an increase of 2.1% in revenues, and a raise of sales growth outlook for the year, was enough for the stock to climb higher in after-hours trading. Now the sour, Facebook. FB shares fell 20% after the bell, it missed estimates on both revenue and daily active users. In addition to this, the earning call added an even more drop to the stock which suggests a lower revenue growth for the second half of the year.